Our Story

Renea Chiffon Designs started when two roommates, who had a passion for interior design joined forces. Meticulously designing their own apartment, they began to branch out to other homes. Between the two of them, they have tried numerous design styles and possess the knowledge to make any decorating style work. Through word of mouth they have honed their craft, made industry connections and are ready to provide their services to the masses. Let them provide you with the dream home and bring your design wishes to reality.

Meet the designers

Growing up I remember sketching out floor plans and playing the Sims for hours on end just so I could design and decorate their houses. I always loved changing my room around, and even tapped cds to my wall in my attempt to make a funky accent wall. Even though it was always in my life, I didn’t realize my love for design until I graduated from college. Since then my eye for design has evolved and after teaming up with Tiara we have been able to design beautiful spaces together. I am fortunate that I have been able to turn my life long passion into a business.

Brittany Renea Calloway

I grew up asking Santa for new room decor and was constantly rearranging my furniture when I was supposed to be cleaning. I would later go on to spend hours planning my dorm room and 1st college apartment. I’ve tried countless DIY’s and through it all my love for decorating has only strengthened. Meeting Brittany in college allowed me to springboard my ideas off of someone who similarly had a passion for interior design. It has allowed me to identify my personal design style and learn a better understanding of others.

Tiara Chiffon Knight